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Online Self-Defense Course For Women

Learn to protect yourself from the #1 School For Krav Maga In Israel

Today, with all the online dating apps, meeting someone for the first time in such an intimate setting can be risky. Even though dating should be exciting and fun, we cannot and should not ignore the danger. Going out on dates without knowing how to protect yourself is putting all of your safety in the hands of your date.


Knowing how to defend yourself in case of an emergency will not only keep you safe, but it will allow you to enjoy your date feeling empowered and free to be your true self!


Many women believe that learning how to defend yourself takes time and energy - they are wrong!


Basic life-saving self-defense can be learned in less than an hour and without needing to be in shape.


In this "Safe Dating Self-Defense" course, you will learn how to protect yourself without needing to be fitter or stronger than the attacker by using your strengths as a woman!

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Watch the Free training on the 3 most important principles any woman needs in order to defend herself!

What You Will Learn In This Online Self-Defense Course For Women

  1. The most important and easy to learn 7 strikes that will neutralize any attacker. 

  2. How to use your powers as a woman to overcome a man (he will never expect this).

  3. What "Exit Points" are, how to use them, and how they can save your life!

  4. How to overcome inner resistance and succeed in defending yourself.

  5. How to lower the level of your fear once you suspect an attacker.

  6. How to escape from grabs, chokes and holds

  7. Does and Dont's of safe dating


What Makes This Online Self Defense Course For Women Perfect For You?

This online self-defense course gives you exactly what you need, nothing more. simple and to the point.


This online self-defense training was created by the #1 school for Krav Maga & Self-Defense in Israel.


It works. Women who have gone through our training, successfully used these principles to protect themselves.




iKravMaga is the biggest school for Krav Maga in Israel. The school was founded in 2007 by Dr. Aviad Segal, international Krav Maga & Self Defense expert with more than 30 years of Krav Maga experience—including 6 years as the Krav Maga instructor for the #1 special forces unit - Sayeret Matkal and an advisor to the ministry of Defense.

Dr. Segal runs the school together with chief instructor, Amazia Fensterheim—a civilian Krav Maga specialist, ex-special forces, 3rd degree black belt in Krav Maga and NLP Trainer.

Our Reason Why

After more than 3 decades of training, teaching and developing Krav Maga, more than 10,000 students who have learned from us, and hundreds of people who have successfully implemented the Krav Maga we teach during real life threats, we are super excited to compile three decades worth of experience, and serve it in a way that anyone who needs, can learn to protect themselves and their loved ones using the most up to date version of Krav Maga.

iKravMaga was founded to give you the safety and security you deserve. 

Why Krav Maga and no other martial arts? Because Krav Maga is the only fighting system in the world that makes it possible for any person to defend themselves. Krav Maga is based on the human weak points and does not count on physical strength. It is the most efficient self defense system that you can learn today. 

iKRAVMAGA has empowered thousands of people with the tools, knowledge, and emotional strength to defend themselves. 


Meet Your Instructors:

meet the staff

Dr. Segal is the founder of the iKRAVMAGA School for Krav Maga, the biggest Krav Maga center in Israel. Dr. Segal has more then 30 years of experience and was chosen to build and lead the Krav Maga training for the #1 special forces unit in Israel "Sayeret Matkal". In addition, Dr. Segal consults movie producers, mental health hospitals, and the state of Israel in matters of Krav Maga.

Founder Of i-KRAVMAGA

Dr. Aviad Segal


Amazia Fensterheim is the Chief instructor of the iKRAVMAGA school in Israel. Amazia is an expert in Krav Maga with more than 15 years of experience. In addition to leading iKRAVMAGA, Amazia is an NLP therapist and trainer  who regularly consults the IDF in matters of mental preparation for combat.

Amazia Fensterheim

Chief Instructor

Course Curriculum

The online self-defense for women course is built from three modules:

Module 1 - Self Defense Principles

Module 2 - Self Defense Techniques

Module 3 - Safe Dating Rules

Module 4 - Training

The Online Womens Self Defense Course Principles

In Krav Maga, and especially in the i-KravMaga online self defense training for women, we understand that different people have a different amount of power. 


I-Krav Maga self defense understands that if a person attacks another person, the attacker will most likely choose someone who he perceives to be weaker and less capable to defend himself.


With that in mind, self defense must base all its techniques and system on the fact that the defendant is most likely weaker then the attacker. 


So that brings us to the question, how can someone neutralize someone else who is stronger? Is it even possible? Yes.


Every human being has weak points in their body. Those weak points can neutralize a stronger attacker. 


The Krav Maga & women self defense weak points are: nose, groin, and eyes. 


Those are the main weak points you will learn about in the i-Krav Maga online self defense course for women. 


If you know how to locate and attack those weak points in the right way, you will succeed to neutralize the attacker.

Self Defense Principle #1: Focus on the weak points.

Krav Maga Self Defense for women is not boxing or any other “fair” martial arts. Krav Maga Self Defense for women is not a martial art. The main focus of the online self defense course for women is to keep you safe. For that reason, all the self defense techniques are built so you can get away as fast as you can!

Self Defense Principle #2: Get Out Fast.

Self Defense Principle #3: Easy & Simple.

This is real life. This is not a game. We understand that being attacked is stressful and scary. When our body enters a survival state, it is impossible to use complex thinking or movement. It must be simple. 

For that reason, the online self defense course for women will teach you the most simple techniques and principles you need in order to defend yourself. 


For the exact reason this women's self defense course isn’t long. Anything long becomes complicated. Krav Maga self defense must be simple. The online self defense training system for women is simple, just what our body needs in order to defend itself during a real threat.



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